L. Rae Design works with clients to increase their brand value through strategic design and social development. In an ever-evolving tech savvy world, it's essential to be engaging and relatable to your audience as authentically and effectively as possible. It's through these unique and creative strategies that we work to build your visual identity, social community and overall brand awareness. 




L. RAE EVERY Day series

My goal with this new kind of series.. mini-blog.. whatever you'd like to call it is: keep it simple and keep it positive. These will be short entries that you can read and get a quick dose of positivity. If you feel more motivated, encouraged and can move forward in your day with a better sense of purpose and confidence - all the better! I want you to feel reset and ready to take on whatever challenges you're facing. I want to help with your perspective and help you find your path or encourage you to continue on the one your currently exploring. I want to try to add some light and energy into my community and doing that in this sort of simple, creative format is what I hope will work. So here we go...

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Lauren is the owner, designer and creative entrepreneur behind L. Rae Design. After attending college for Fine Art and Communication Design, Lauren moved almost 500 miles south to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and quickly started her career as a project manager for a renowned underwater photographer. She honed her skills as a designer, consultant and social media manager, regularly working with national and international companies and brands before moving to Upstate New York and going out on her own.


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What do you do?

It's hard to sum it up in one word, so I'll break it down into a two-part answer. I work with clients to develop their brand strategy through design, branding, and social media marketing in order to drive awareness, engagement, and audience loyalty.

But I also work with clients who may have their branding needs covered but may require further design and development through website design, print design. These projects can range from event invitations, full wedding invitation suites, business cards, social media graphics, marketing materials, email signatures, etc. 

Looking for something more specific? Need a designer with retainer options? Reach out by filling out the contact form below.  Call me. Or email me. I'd love to discuss what your needs are and how L. Rae Design can best fit them.

Do you work with clients out of state?

Yes, we're not afraid of a little distance! We love our upstate New York clients, however, the majority of our clients are located all over the United States. Between the many resources like email, screen-sharing, Dropbox and FaceTime all of our bases covered creating a very comfortable and easy working relationship between myself and my clients.

How do we get started?

The best way to get started is to jump right in. Give me a call or shoot me an email and we will set up a time that bests suits you for a conference call. It's during this time that we will go over what you're looking for, best practices, project processes and the next steps. For more insight into our L. Rae Design process visit the Client Services section of our website here.

How long does a typical project take?

 A project's time frame depends on your specific needs. Usually anywhere from a a week or two to a few months. I always suggest scheduling a conference call first so I can get a better understanding of you and your needs before outlining time and cost.



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