Before we kick this thing off I think I should give a little insight into my vision for this mini-series? Mini-blog? I'm not even quite sure what I want to call it yet... is to be just that. Mini. The thought of having to write an entire blog post every day tends to overwhelm me... when in doubt, start small! The whole theme of my Instagram post today was offering the advice to JUST START. Just try. So, I'm taking my own advice. This may fail. You may find this lame. This may epically crash and burn but SO WHAT. It may end up being something someone looks forward to reading or finds small pearls of perspective that they can relate to and take with them on their own journey through business or life. I just want there to be a place where you can quickly go and get a dose of positivity and motivation. I want to try to put some light and good energy back into the world and doing that in this sort of quick, creative format is what I hope will work. So here we go..

Just start. Move forward. No matter where you are or where you think you should be - just do. Take a deep breath, quiet the inner thoughts, the worry, all of the second guesses and trust in yourself. Trust in your knowledge. Trust in your skill. And start putting your work, your ideas, your thoughts into actions.

We spend so much time overanalyzing and critiquing every aspect of our work and ourselves that nothing ends up happening. We're done before we even begin. Complete silence. We remain stagnant and paralyzed by our own inner dialogue and fear and end up in a perpetual circle of inaction

This has been one of the hardest lessons I've had to learn this year. For the longest time, I would come with great ideas or projects or strategies to boost my business and they'd never even get off the ground because the negative inner dialogue would immediately start. What do I have to say that's so important? Why is my work or my opinion or my advice so unique and worthy of being seen by other people? Will people even find value in anything I produce? So I would stop. Things would come to a crashing halt. I would sink into defeat and become resentful when I'd see other designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs do more, be more, accomplish MORE because I was still allllllll the way in the back at the starting line. 

So my advice to you - STOP WAITING. STOP THINKING. STOP STRESSING. Do it for no one else other than yourself. Produce work, write, paint, draw, blog, design because it's what you were born to do. Because it's your passion. Because it's a part of you. And if other's come along for the journey then look what you've started.

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