Deciding to switch your Instagram account over to a business account can seem daunting, confusing and even just plain pointless. But if you take the time to set it up correctly it can be the best decision for you and your business.

Which leads us to…


Instead of setting up or converting an Instagram Business page with an existing personal account or email address make the switch to a business page with an account that’s specifically associated with a business email address or another email address of your choosing. This way there’s a clear separation between personal and business before you even begin.

- Open Instagram and go to your profile

- Tap the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

- Under Account, tap Switch to Business Profile and choose the Facebook Page you wish to connect your Instagram Business profile with. Make sure your account is public. (*Private accounts won’t be able to switch to business accounts.*)

- Tap Continue and review your business’s contact information under the Set Up Your Business Profile section.

- Tap Done.

You’ll then want to go back to your profile and tap Edit Profile.

Tap Profile Photo and update your profile picture with a photo that’s approximately 180x180 pixels.

Type in the correct profile name, Instagram handle (@username), website or an URL of your choosing, and a bio that consists of 150 characters or less.


There are 400 million daily active users on Instagram. 250 million daily active users on Instagram Stories. And 80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram.

1. Your audience can instantly connect with you - IN MULTIPLE WAYS

Before business profiles were available on Instagram the only way your audience could reach your business was through a single URL link. This meant you had to be very selective in choosing where you wanted that link to lead your audience because they needed instant access to not only learn more about you, your products and services but also learn how and where to contact you or find you. This also meant that you had to pray your audience/followers had enough time to sift through all of that information or read through a blog post or skim whatever article you posted to find exactly what they were looking for... Chances are they didn't. Instagram is all about connecting. Connecting through visuals, through hashtags, through stories through captions. And an Instagram Business profile now gives you option to connect with your audience by:

- Having access to a profile link that can forward them to a website, blog post, article, or social media page of your choosing


- Having the ability to call your business directly from the call button, an option only available to you only through an Instagram business profile.

- Having access to a preferred email address and being able to email you with any inquiries they may have through the email button.

- Instantly having access to your brick and mortar address by way of the directions button - again, all directly and instantly from the business profile.

- If you have a B&M they can also instantly have access your hours of operation through the hours' button. 

These contact options alone make it worth the switch. But in case you're still on the fence... keep reading!


Instagram is THE visual social tool. So the minute your audience sees your feed they're able to get a feel for you and your brand. Give followers a look inside your company, you as a business owner, company culture, new products, services - literally anything that's connected to your business. 


If you're not ready to invest in monthly (and sometimes expensive) subscriptions for advanced analytics software programs like Hootsuite or Iconosquare, then making the switch to a business is a great starting point. The Instagram business account allows you to have access to important insights such as engagement rates, impressions, reach, and follower demographics (gender, age ranges, locations, and much more). All important information for monitoring and managing your social media efforts. And all things that you otherwise would not have access to from a personal Instagram account.

Upgrading to a business profile also allows you to have a step up on the Instagram algorithm. By using the analytics tools you can monitor the success, reach and engagement rates of each of your posts, what works, what doesn't, and find out when (by the hour or weekday) the best time is to post - i.e. when your audience is going to be the most engaged and when your post is most likely to be "seen". All of which allows you to tailor your strategies, ideas, and content for the most success with your target audiences and followers.

These options and capabilities through Instagram Business allow you to plan, create and execute efficiently and effectively to the best of your business ability. 

How has your business changed for the better since upgrading?


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